There is so much to do on and around the ranch. Our favorite is sitting around the camp fire and just enjoying the nature and company. Other options are

Hiking: You may hike around the ranch and we are located at the entrance of the Blanco Basin Trail head in the San Juan National Forest. For the expolrors, there is a fantastic waterfall just on the nearby cliff. Unbelievable views when you get there.

Hidden falls is a short hike for those willing to go off-trail. Prize is the view at the top
View from Hidden Falls
the top of the hike ending at hidden falls over the ranch

We also recomend a hike that you can start just up the road at Opal lake

beautiful aspen groves on your hike to Opal Lake
Opal lake hike
Hike to Opal lake during your ranch get away

Horse back riding

Fishing in the Blanco Basin River or one of the many stocked ponds
Enjoy fishing from multiple spots on the ranch including stock ponds and the Rio Basin River for fly fishing.