About Us

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Our Approach

We have been so blessed to have this incredible ranch that we are thrilled to share this amazing place with our special guests. We cherish the natural beauty and strive to be great stewards of the land.

Our Story

We were lucky enough to have a family business to work the cattle and are happy to open the ranch up to a small select few to enjoy the the wonderful scenery and enjoy good friends and relaxing times.

Meet the Team

Family owned working ranch. The crew on the Reed-Hare ranch lives and breathes all things ranch.

Sandlin Niccum

Sandlin Niccum

Head Ranch Lady in Charge


Lillian Niccum

Lead Equestrian

Todd Niccum

Todd Niccum



Ellery Niccum



Reed Niccum

Head Heavy Equipment Opporator

sandlin and laura square

Laura Legg

Marketing & Business Manager

Next Steps...

Come visit us! What is your perfect trip? Girls get-away trip? Want to make it a yoga retreat? Family reunion? Entertaining clients? We can make it a one of kind experience for you!